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movie success!

liz got called back for Nothing but the Truth, the movie we applied to as extras. some of the casting people, after looking through pictures of potential extras, went to eat at Salsa and, by coincidence, saw her bartending there. one of them recognized her from the picture she’d sent in, and the next morning (yesterday) they called to say they wanted her to come in for the shoot. this was one of the first days of real filming, and they needed people to walk around the commercial appeal offices (disguised as the washington post offices). liz was picked along with a couple other “photogenic” people to walk around with papers in her hands looking busy.  a few others were put behind desks, talking on phones and writing, doing other deskly things. the rest were put into a crowd scene outside the building.


of course, all the shot with her in the background may end up on the cutting room floor, but even so, she got to be on set for 12 hours today, watching kate beckinsale, angela bassett, and noah wyle act and talk to the director about their scenes. when she wasn't needed, liz explored and watched as much of the workings of movie making as she could without being shooed away. it was a small set, so she had more opportunity than one normally would to wander, as long as she didn’t disturb or get in anyone’s way. she got to see the replay monitors and hear many discussions about the making of each scene. she says both actresses are incredibly beautiful in person, and that angela bassett is tiny. even in very tall heels, she was still no taller than liz.


the casting folks may call liz again; we don’t know. there are many days of filming left, so lots of opportunities. they still haven’t done the prison scenes yet, and i hold out hope that they’ll look at my picture and see the hardened inmate lurking behind my pleasant demeanor. i’d make a great inmate.


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