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i enjoy looking at and keeping coins from other countries or unusual ones from our own. i even have a coin collection. true, most of them were collected by my dad and i’ve never been as avid a collector as he, but one of the best presents i got from a high school boyfriend was 3 steel pennies (i didn’t include them in the “here, take back the shit you gave me” package after he called me a pagan who was going to hell). i also enjoy the fact that my pre-euro coins from several countries are cheerfully appreciating inside my coin book.


but nothing has excited me like these. not just as a coin collector, but as an artist, this british coin design makes my toes warm. they’re lovely and asymmetrical apart and go together beautifully to create the shield of the royal arms. i hope in the future more countries take a similarly creative approach.


p.s. please don’t talk to me about the potential cruel abandonment of the penny in america. it makes me sad.

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i was raised on Star Trek (in some ways, more than i was by my parents). dad mail-ordered the vhs cassettes of every episode of the first series some time before i was born, and we watched about an episode a day as far back as i can remember. i was young enough when watching this show that it didn't matter at all that the rocks were clearly made of styrofoam, or that there was a visible string attached to the star ship enterprise in the space scenes (or occasionally a hand moving the ship). i loved the show. it was exciting, often ridiculous, and entirely escapist. like so many girls, i had a crush on mr. chekov (his accent was so sexy, and he looked like one of the beatles. i think this childhood crush was the cause, or perhaps a symptom, of my attention to and fondness for peripheral characters in all stories.) i will always think about Star Trek in a way that is entirely nostalgic, gleeful, and really quite geeky. (ruby points out here that there are very few non-geeky ways to think about Star Trek, which may well be true.)

that being said, here is
the cast so far of the new star trek movie. i am not outraged or overjoyed, just intrigued by their choices. harold from Harold and Kumar as mr. sulu. sylar as spock. shaun of the dead as scotty. the son from Huff as mr. chekov. by the way, didn’t chekov only show up in the middle of the series, replacing a sequence of red shirt navigators who died gruesome deaths? how exactly is he in a version in which they're all a good bit younger than they were in the original series? shouldn't he be in grade school at that point? and we’re not even going to talk about the fact that they didn’t get a southerner to play dr. mccoy.

i’m afraid i’m going to have to drag ruby to see this catastrophe in the theater. (ed: fat chance) i find it impossible to pass up; it looks like it may be true to the roots of the show – bizarre, a little shoddy, and full of joy. in my imagination, the explanation for there being two spocks in this new movie is that it starts out with william shatner and leonard nimoy as kirk and spock; they're sitting on a balcony, reminiscing about the old days, perhaps drinking whiskey and smoking cigars. james spader is in the background, wandering about the back of the shot in a housecoat.


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